Regenerating Your Dental Enamel

Scientists have found a way to assist in regenerating hard tissues like tooth enamel if it gets destroyed. This method may also be used to help prevent teeth from decay. Tooth enamel has a very strong structure which enables it to function for a very long time without being destroyed even if it’s exposed to […]

Complex Dental Problems?

Why see a Prosthodontist Dr. Eli Friedman of Friedman Dental Group with its practices being one of the leading dental groups in South Florida, and are also part of a very small minority that perform life-changing reconstructive procedures to re-habilitate its patients from years of dental neglect joins eHealth Radio and the Dental Care and […]

Friedman Dental Group Offers New, Revolutionary Technique to Correct Receding Gums

Friedman Dental Group, an industry-leading dental group with four state-of-the-art offices in South Florida, is proud to now offer pinhole gum rejuvenation, a revolutionary technique to correct gingival recession, also referred to as receding gums. Pinhole gum rejuvenation is a minimally invasive treatment option that does not involve the use of scalpels, sutures or traditional […]

When You Should Stop Spoon-Feeding Your Kid

Here’s When You Should Stop Spoon-Feeding Your Kid, According To Experts By Ojus Patel You’ve been waiting to hit the solid foods milestone so you can finally feed your sweet babe teeny spoonfuls of something delicious, but the recommendations vary on when and how to start feeding your baby real food, and they pretty much vary […]

How Using A Bottle After 1 Affects Your Kid

How Using A Bottle After 1 Affects Your Kid Later In Life, According To Experts By Ojus Patel When it comes to babies, we know that every child is different. No one method works for all kids, parents, or families, so it’s hard for us to decide what to do. If your little one is nearing […]