We believe in helping you understand what dentistry is about. Dentistry can be Preventive or Curative. If you believe in prevention than you believe in maintenance. Statistically, studies have found that if you spend enough time daily brushing and flossing, you are less likely to experience dental problems even if you feel that your genes are not on your side. But brushing and flossing is not enough. You need to get your teeth checked every 6 months by a doctor and cleaned professionally every 3-6 months. Without such a routine you are heading for curative dentistry rather than preventative. Simple as that.

Cleanings can be different depending on how much time elapses between now and your last cleaning and the state of your gum tissue. Are they bright red? Bleeding easily? Has it been more than 2 -3 years since your last cleaning? All these questions influence the type of cleaning you are more likely to need.

Types of cleanings:

Preventive cleanings (also called prophylaxis) are part of a regular 6 months routine.

Deep cleaning is necessary when the hygienists finds that there is a combination between bleeding upon probing, red gums and over 5 mm pockets.

General dentistry is done by a general dentist. The dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums and will put together a customized treatment plan to get you to a healthy situation.